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Shady Burgers - Sölvesborg

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Restaurant Shady Burgers is a popular restaurant by the square in the city of Sölvesborg. The restaurant attracts people of all ages and serves really good street food.

Skateboard area

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Children & Family, Sports The skateboard area is placed in the middle of Sölvesborg and is a very popular place to ride either skateboard or kickbike.

Skinsagylet - Nature reserve

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Park & Nature Skinsagylets Nature Reserve has a steep rift valley in the northern part of Russian Hill. From a vantage point one has a panoramic view of the Pukaviksbay.

Skutan - Restaurant in Nogersund

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Restaurant The restaurant is located right by the quay in Nogersund.


Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots Culturally interesting buildings in the castle area


Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots, Park & Nature Very old oak tree with a legend

Sofies Konst & Ram - art

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Gallery & Arts Framing and sales of art and art supplies.

Sölvekulla handelsträdgård

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Organic shop Nursery with flowers and vegetables.

Sölvesborgs Golfkrog - Siretorp

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Restaurant Restaurant at the golf-course

Sölvesborgs Konsthall - Art Gallery

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Gallery & Arts Art Gallery with exhibitions organized by Sölvesborgs Art Club and Sölvesborg municipality.

Sölvesborgs Museum

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Museum The town museum opened in 1982. The museum is housed in an old corn and schnaps mill on the Skeppsbrogatan, and has of course also several displays telling you of the history of...

Sölvesborgs Pizzeria

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Restaurant Restaurant and pizzeria with sportbar Taste n the city-centre.

Sölvesborgs Slott - Corps de logi

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots The yellow, stately Sölvesborgs Castle is a historic, exciting place. Here there was for centuries a rustic fortress with moats and towers, which alternately belonged to Sweden ...

Sölvesborgs Slottsruin - Castle Ruin

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots The ruined castle of Sölvesborg located northeast of the city centre, right at the Sölvesborg bay.

Sölvesborgsbron - bridge

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots With its 760 meters, the bridge is a landmark for Sölvesborg and one of Europe's longest pedestrian and cycle bridges.

Sölvesborgsstenen - Runic stone

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots Runic stone from the early Viking period, 800 AD. Placed outside the tower of S:t Nicolai Church in Sölvesborg centre.

Spraglehall - nature reserve

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Park & Nature Spraglehall is a nature reserve which consists of a small residual mountains and is characterized by rock outcrops, meadows, marsh areas.


Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots Runic stone from 600 AD, placed in the porch of S:t Nicolai church, but originally found 1820 in a field outside Gummarp a few kilometers from the church.

Stiby Backe - Nature reserve

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Park & Nature Stiby Backe nature reserve has an area of 110 ha. Stiby Backe is a drumlinbildning with well-trained beach ridges between 48 and 31 meters and a skull cap rock with a maximum he...

Stiby Sissa

Area: Sölvesborg  Map

Building / cultural spots Stiby Sissa is a bauta stone from early iron age placed on a gravemound west of the road in Stiby.

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