Norje tingshus

Address: Norjevägen 14, 294 76 Sölvesborg Show map

Address: Norjevägen 14, 294 76 Sölvesborg

Norje is situated between the sea and the old lake Vesan. Here the road har passed since long ago. For a long time Norje was the court house for Lister District.

Courts were generally kept at locations that were close to roads and water.

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  • Attraction
    Sweden Rock 0.3 km
  • Train station
    Sölvesborgs resecentrum 9 km

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Sölvesborgs kommun, 294 80 SÖLVESBORG. Besök: Repslagaregatan 1. Telefon: 0456-816 000. Telefax: 0456-134 29. 21 20 00 0852. Bankgiro: 343-5625. Ansvarig utgivare: Kommunchef Lars Ericsson.

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