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Karlshamnsvägen 354, 294 93 Sölvesborg (show map)
Restaurant located at E22 by the sea between Sölvesborg and Karlshamn
Alholmens Bad, Camping och Restaurang - Pukavik

Repslagaregatan 6, 294 31 Sölvesborg (show map)
Cafe | Take a break at the square.
Coffee House - Sölvesborg

Strandvägen 13, 29472 Sölvesborg (show map)
Popular restaurant in the marina
Dagmars Hamnkrog - Hällevik

Ö Storgatan 1, 294 31 Sölvesborg (show map)
Asian food in central Sölvesborg
Dragon Palace - Sölvesborg

Bancks väg 1, 294 35 Sölvesborg (show map)
Popular pizza place
Falkviks Pizzabutik

Kustvägen 1, 294 74 Sölvesborg (show map)
Fiskerian Hörvik

294 31 Sölvesborg (show map)
Restaurant | Popular boat where you can by the biggest icecreams in the town!
Glass- och sillabåten - Sölvesborg

Semestervägen 5, 294 72 Sölvesborg (show map)
Restaurant open in the summer located on the beach in Hällevik.
Hälleviks Havsbad

Hamnplan Hällevik, 294 72 Sölvesborg (show map)
Cosy café in the Hällevik Marina. Sit indoors or outdoors on the roof.
Hamncaféet Hällevik

Hanö, 29407 Sölvesborg (show map)
Walk up to Hanös top and half way you can enjoy waffles in the community center
Hanö Community Centre - waffles

Hästtorget, 294 31 Sölvesborg (show map)
In the middle of Sölvesborgs town center, this fast-food

Strandvägen 13, 294 72 Sölvesborg (show map)
Smokehouse and fish-market in Hällevik
Hennings Rökeri o Fiskaffär - Smoke house

Nogersunds hamn, 294 95 Sölvesborg (show map)
Pirate restaurant in Nogersund
Kapten Gyllenhorn Restaurang & Catering AB - Nogersund

Ysanevägen 311, 294 93 Sölvesborg (show map)
Restaurant | Farm shop selling sausages in the German model.
Karlis Bratwurst

Repslagaregatan 2, 294 31 Sölvesborg (show map)
Bakery and cafe in central Sölvesborg. Outdoor seating in summer.
Kopparsträdets Hembageri - Sölvesborg

Skånevägen 30, 29433 Sölvesborg (show map)
Hamburgers, hot dogs and other dishes near the E22
Lasses Kiosk & Grill

Ungersgatan 8, 294 34 Sölvesborg (show map)
Take-Away at Hotel Edgar. Ecological pizza, soups and sallads.
Lilla Kök - Sölvesborg

Ysanevägen 311, 294 92 Sölvesborg (show map)
Restaurant | Grill restuant beside E22
Marlenes tyska grillkrog - Ysane

V Mjällbyvägen 41, 294 71 Sölvesborg (show map)
Take-away pizza.
Mjällby pizzabutik

Norje Boke, 294 76 Sölvesborg (show map)
Summer restaurant in a lush environment with beech and 10 m from the water's edge, with stunning views of the sea on Norje Boke Camping.
Norje Boke Restaurant

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